Free Intro/Trials:

We realize that many people are new to CrossFit, and aren’t sure if its something they would be interested in. If you would like to try a FREE class, please follow this link and select a class on the schedule.  TRIAL Link

Group On-Ramp. How it Works:

The On-ramp Course is designed to set you up for success prior to entering our general classes.  The movements we perform are unique and take some time and practice to learn how to execute them properly.  You will be educated on what CrossFit is and why we think it is a great way to get you fit. The group size is smaller, which allows for a more personal and dedicated environment with other individuals like yourself. Come prepared to sweat a little; we will be throwing in a workout each day.

The course will take place over three days, and will be roughly 1 hour long. Please try to attend all three classes, for we will be going over the foundational movements. CrossFit is constantly varied so it would be impossible to touch upon every movement, but we choose specific ones that we help get you started.

One on One On-Ramp:

In the One on One On-Ramp;  you and one of our Coaches will go over the same movements as in the Group On-Ramp. You and the the coach will set up three, one hour sessions that will work best for you both.

The One on One sessions are typically used when there is nobody in the queue for the next Group On-Ramp Class, or, when the Group Class times do not work with your schedule.

Upcoming OnRamp Dates
There are no upcoming Group On-Ramp dates. Please email or call to set up a time for the One on One On-Ramp.

For more information, contact Brian at:

Phone: (978)-502-2801
Email: Brian