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Barbell Good Morning
Abmat Situps

Babel Deadlift
Push Press



Unbroken Clean and Jerks

Score is your weight selection, which is held across the entire 15-12-9. We do not climb between sets, but rather decrease the volume per set recognizing how fatigue is setting in. Elegantly programming, the 12’s and 9’s feel just as challenging as the initial 15. This is a classical CrossFit benchmark created by Greg Glassman in the original CrossFit Santa Cruz.
Rest is built into today’s workout.
Complete the set of 15’s on the 0:00.
Complete the set of 12’s on the 5:00.
Complete the set of 9’s on the 10:00.

In “Gwen”, to be scored as “Rx”, all repetitions are touch-and-go on the floor. Even a brief reset or pause on the floor would terminate the set, rendering it as a miss. Pauses overhead, in the front rack, and at the hang are all still considered “Rx”.



10 min Mobility

50m light Row + 50m Moderate Row
5 Walk Outs
50m light Row + 50m Moderate to Hard Row
5 Inch Worms
50m Light Row + 50m Hard Row
5 Walk Outs


2k Row time Trial

Our strategy today on the 2K Row…
Sprint Start (15 Strokes) – 2K Pace minus 3-6 seconds
Confidence in the Middle – 2K Pace
Sprint Finish (300m) – Final Finish

Sprint Start:
Our aim at the start of the 2K row is to simply get the rower fan spinning as fast as possible. We can accomplish this with a “sprint start”. In the sprint start, we modify our stroke technically for the first pulls in order to expedite the acceleration of the fan.
1st Pull – Full, powerful, stroke.
2nd Pull – Just arms
3rd Pull – Quarter slide + arms
4th Pull – Half slide + arms
5th Pull – Full stroke

This is worth practicing, and can bring the fan to target paces considerably (seconds) faster than a slower start. Following these five strokes, the fan will be likely far lower than race pace. And this is what we want. In the next 10 strokes (to take us to 15 strokes), we are to gradually begin to settle in, steadily allowing the pace to lower to our race pace.

Confidence in the Middle
The middle ~1K meters in the workout is the challenge. Much like many AMRAP’s, it is those who can hold the pace in the center of the workout that tend to finish with the best scores… even if they have an explosive sprint to the finish. 2K times are determined by your fastest average speed, and this is where the challenge will test us

Having confidence in the middle is a mental mindset we are going to take tomorrow. At the ~500 meter mark, maybe a bit further, this is where the thoughts of doubt may creep into our minds. “Maybe I came out too hard.” “Today just might not be my day.” “I’m already breathing this heavy and I still have 1.5k to go…”

It is good to recognize that this is a natural process to comes to many athletes. Those who are able to replace those with confidence in their abilities and plan will finish with their best score. Here’s the thing – your mind will tell you that we’re in a bad place, only ~500m in and breathing hard, as it’s only going to “get worse”. The truth of it however is that it’s not – we are looking to hold this moderate pace for the middle portion. We may become more uncomfortable, but we can deal with that. We can still do it. This confidence in the middle, confidence in your ability and mind, is what determines the race.

Sprint Finish
At the 300 meter mark, we want to start opening up our pace. We aren’t sprinting here just yet – but we are looking to lengthen out with slightly more powerful strokes. Potentially dropping 1-2 seconds off the /500m pace. At the 200 meter mark, this is it. We are about 20 strokes remaining, and we want to start our final acceleration. By the time we hit 100 meters, we want to be at full tilt. Whatever is left. It’s acceptable here to shorten the slide stroke if it allows for additional power. Whatever we need to do to come home with our strongest effort.

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