Tempo Row – 3 Rounds of :50s light, :10s “fast”
Let our “fast” pace gradually build over the 4 rounds. After each set, come off the rower to complete:
3 Walkouts
6 Alternating Spiderman + Reach
9 Dowel Overhead Squats


3 Rounds:

500m Row
12 Deadlifts (245,165)
15 Box Jumps (30″,24″)

A scaled up version of a classical CrossFit benchmark, “Christine”.

In today’s workout, we are looking for a loading that we could complete the first round unbroken if we went for it. Strategy wise, we may be breaking in the first round, but if we had to, we are confident we could lift the loading for 12+ repetitions. For a good percentage of us, we should be scaling this workout to both a) get stronger, while b), maintaining the conditioning stimulus of the effort.

The row is our pacer in today’s workout. We should aim to be 10, to even 15 seconds slower than our 2K pace. Although the row is important, the effort isn’t worth the seconds here knowing that a single break extra break on either the deadlifts or box jumps negates the time gained.

On these deadlifts and box jumps, we are purposely scaling up in an effort to challenge ourselves in a different way.