Coaches Choice


On The Minute x 3 rounds
1) 1 arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge: 6 steps right arm, 6 steps left arm
2) 10 weighted Abmat setups (10/5 lb metal plate held against chest)
3) 10/side single leg hip bridges (foot on bench)
4) :30 second hallow hold
5) 200 meter run or 250m row
6) Rest

If you missed yesterday’s workout because of the gym being closed, and you are really sad about it, ¬†you have the option to do it today. The fun was:

1,000 meter Run
800 meter Row


5 Rounds:

9 Handstand Pushups / Toe / Knee Push-ups.
12 Kettle Bell Swings
15 Abmat Situps

**20 min cap