1:00 Row
10/side Spiderman
1:00 Row
10 russian Baby Makers
1:00 Row
:30 seconds / sie Samson Stretch
1:00 Row
10 PVC Overhead Squats


3 Supersets
8 Dead Lifts (Increase weight each set)
8/side Waiter Reverse Lunge (One leg at a time. DB or KB in front rack and reverse lunge on opposite side.)
20 Weighted Abmat Situps


With a partner
Partner A 800m Run
Partner B 800m Row
Partner A 800m Row
Partner B 800m Run

Partner A 600m Run
Partner B 600m Row
Partner A 600m Row
Partner B 600m Run

Partner A 400m Run
Partner B 400m Row
Partner A 400m Row
Partner B 400m Run